California Partnerships Put JoVE in Great STEM Company

Marc Songini, JoVE Writer | 9 min read
Marc Songini, JoVE Writer | 9 min read


California is world-renowned for sun, surf and sand, and the ideally laid-back lifestyle to go with them. But the Golden State also boasts some of the top research schools in the world. Stanford University, University of California, Los Angeles, and The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla are just three of the many great institutions dotting California north to south.

This trio's members are also JoVE institutional subscribers — as is University of California, Davis, one of the world’s top veterinary and agricultural teaching and research schools. Additionally, UC Davis, along with Stanford and UCLA, are among JoVE’s earliest adopters. These and other California-based institutions helped drive our initial success, and shaped our content to closely meet the needs of the global research community.

Powerful STEM Resources

California boasts a world-leading venture capital community and great academic and corporate labs. Together, they produce some of the most exciting and successful commercial biotech innovation. Anchored by San Francisco, San Diego, and other California venues, it’s no wonder the state’s 2016 biotech sector was worth an estimated $169 billion in revenues.

As a biotech incubator hub, in size, influence, and investment dollars, San Francisco itself has no rival, except perhaps the Boston-Cambridge corridor. Given all this research activity, it’s inevitable that California provides headquarters to top-flight biotech firms such as Gilead Sciences, as well as Amgen, which is also a JoVE subscriber.

Early Adoption and Strong JoVE Growth

JoVE is proud of its presence among these research powerhouses. In fact, California leads in JoVE usage among the 50 states, with 300,000-plus end users — or 13 percent of all U.S.-based users! Additionally, California is also number one in JoVE Journal publishing activity, with 900-plus articles produced from experimenters in 172 institutions, including the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

The early California momentum continues through today, with recent subscription upgrades with institutions such as California State University, Long Beach. Currently, our subscribers span the gamut in terms of size and focus — from state and community schools, including UCLA and MiraCosta College — to top private schools, such as the previously mentioned Stanford. We also support hospital systems, such as Southern California’s Cedars Sinai.

We’re also excited that UC Irvine and UCLA are JoVE Unlimited Customers: This gives them full access to all JoVE Journal and Science Education content through one license. And any new content published then immediately becomes accessible to those schools’ users, for no extra fee.

Proven Teaching/Lab Results for California

California relies on JoVE content for a great reason: JoVE consistently delivers the results that researchers and teachers need. Take, for example, UC Irvine. Mitchell Brown, research librarian and scholarly communications coordinator at UC Irvine Libraries, says: “In my opinion, JoVE education helps students understand STEM topics, science, technology, engineering, and medicine in ways that take the complicated ideas behind the research and explain them in terms that an audience of those who aren't specialists can understand.” 


Valerie Rezek


JoVE also supports lab researchers through its Journal articles. Dr. Edwin Monuki, head of The Monuki Laboratory at UC Irvine, explains: “I think video protocol was an unmet need in the field, and I feel like JoVE has really filled that need. It’s something we use frequently in the lab and I think it’s been very successful.”

Saving Researchers Time/Money
Another successful subscribing facility is the Humanized Mouse Core Laboratory at UCLA. By using JoVE animal research video training articles, the lab saved both thousands of hours and thousands of dollars. The lab realized these gains by cutting lab training time, and shrinking the consumption of animal and resource expenses. 

“You know, JoVE offers actual published papers, and all its protocols are really detailed, really thorough, so, I love it,” says Valerie Rezek, lab manager at the Mouse Core lab. “You’ll know how to prepare the different reagents and concentrations. This is helpful if you’re starting something new and need to learn quickly.”

Keeping Top STEM Company

JoVE has a huge impact worldwide. It counts nearly 6 million scientists and students as annual users; about 1,000 academic institutions are among its subscribers. These organizations are of all sizes and types, but each one gets access to the same excellent and proven content.

In California, it doesn’t matter if you are in a community college or a high school or, possibly, one of the state’s many renowned academic/medical institutions: A JoVE subscription puts your institution in the best STEM research and teaching company in the world.

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