JoVE Launches New Aeronautical Engineering, Immunology, & Microbiology SciEd Collections

Dipesh Navani, Director of Production | 3 min read
Dipesh Navani, Director of Production | 3 min read

JoVE is expanding its Science Education database with three new collections: we’re adding Aeronautical Engineering, and in the Advanced Biology series, Immunology and Microbiology.

I’m excited for the JoVE subscriber community. We’re responding to long-term and deep demand for video content to engage students, streamline classroom prep, make classrooms more efficient, and raise retention and test scores.

Here is a more detailed description of the new collections:

Aeronautical Engineering: This new Engineering collection introduces fundamental concepts in aeronautics. It focuses on methods to evaluate aerodynamic performance; techniques to visualize subsonic and supersonic flow patterns; and procedures to calibrate measurement systems for real-time flight control.

Immunology: This collection covers many staple techniques of immunology labs, including the labeling and sorting of immune cells. It also demonstrates proliferation methods for immune cells and antibodies, as well as common assays for immune activity (including ELISA). Finally, it demonstrates the staining and imaging of immune tissue and cell samples.

Microbiology: This collection demonstrates the key tools of microbiological investigation, including proper sterile technique and plating; how to use selective media and enrich samples; and culturing methods for mixed or pure samples. Additionally, it reviews common methods for identifying microbial isolates, as well as procedures for the genetic manipulation of bacteria.

We know these additions to our Science Education library will benefit our subscribers. In particular, they will enable students to bridge the gap between lecture halls and research labs. We invite you to explore them today!

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