JoVE in Action: How Are Students in Hybrid STEM Classes Using Videos for Lab Preparation?

Marketing Dept., | 5 min read
Marketing Dept., | 5 min read

JoVE in Action is a series of blog posts highlighting how STEM educators around the world have used JoVE to support their remote teaching efforts. We hope these stories will be useful for instructors looking for effective ways to deliver their science and lab courses online or in hybrid formats. 

Dr. Iris Weitz

Dr. Iris Weitz is a faculty member in the Department of Biotechnology Engineering at the ORT Braude College of Engineering in Karmiel, Israel. She teaches Organic Chemistry labs, Organic Chemistry II and General Chemistry, and has around 150 students. 

When restrictions due to COVID-19 were put in place, Dr. Weitz shifted to a hybrid learning model. Due to a limit on the number of students who could attend the lab at the same time, the goal was to save time in the lab and enable students to prepare for the class in advance. As a result, Dr. Weitz began to use JoVE videos in the spring semester of 2020.                                                                                   

JoVE Videos for Remote Chemistry Lab Prep

Dr. Weitz asked her students to watch JoVE videos illustrating key concepts and methods in organic chemistry. For each video, she created a questionnaire that focused on the main steps of the method, alongside other questions to encourage critical thinking. Students were required to answer the questionnaire ahead of the pre-lab session, which was 48 hours before the lab session. 

At the pre-lab session, she spoke with the students about the upcoming lab session and the experimental procedures they would carry out. She made sure that the students clearly understood the concepts and were ready for in-person lab work.

Dr. Weitz
Dr. Weitz used JoVE videos to help her students prepare for labs in advance

After watching JoVE chemistry videos:

  • 80% of students in Dr. Weitz’s course were knowledgeable about the procedures they were conducting. Most students felt more confident when they came to the lab.
  • 25% less lab work was required, because students were well-prepared. The duration of lab sessions reduced and 1-2 additional lab sessions could be held each day – a perfect solution to the restriction on the number of students who could be in the lab at once.

In addition, watching JoVE videos online and answering questions about them also helped students become more independent and engaged learners. “The use of JoVE videos was above and beyond successful in Organic Chemistry labs,” said Dr. Weitz. “They helped to prepare the students to work independently in the lab and understand the theoretical concepts. The videos were a motivational tool for learning and helped to increase the students' engagement in the learning process.”

If you want to learn how to effectively incorporate JoVE video resources into your hybrid, remote, or in-person science course, request a free consultation from our Customer Success team.

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