How can Librarians offer their institutions peer-reviewed video articles?

Marketing Dept., | 6 min read
Marketing Dept., | 6 min read

What is a Librarian Role?

Librarians play a pivotal role in the academic ecosystem, acting as gatekeepers of knowledge and facilitators of learning. They curate and manage vast collections of resources, ensuring that students, researchers, and faculty have access to the information they need to succeed. One of the most impactful decisions a librarian can make is to subscribe to JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments), a leading provider of scientific video resources. By subscribing to JoVE, librarians can offer their institutions unparalleled access to high-quality, peer-reviewed video articles that enhance research and education.

How Librarians Can Subscribe to JoVE and Offer Videos to Institutions

Subscribing to JoVE is straightforward and highly beneficial. Librarians can visit JoVE.com and explore the various subscription options available. Once subscribed, they gain access to a vast library of video content that covers a wide range of scientific disciplines. These videos can be seamlessly integrated into the institution's Learning Management Systems (LMS), course materials, and research projects. JoVE's user-friendly platform ensures that both students and faculty can easily access and utilize these resources to support their academic and research endeavors.

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Why Subscribe to JoVE?

JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments) stands at the forefront of this revolution, offering a unique and invaluable library of peer-reviewed scientific video articles. By subscribing to JoVE, institutions can unlock a wealth of benefits that boost research capabilities, improve educational outcomes, and provide unparalleled support to faculty and students. Here’s why subscribing to JoVE is a game-changer for universities, colleges, and biopharma institutions worldwide.

Boost STEM Research and Education at Your Institution

JoVE is trusted by over 1,000 universities, colleges, and biopharma institutions worldwide. Its extensive library of video articles spans numerous scientific fields, providing valuable visual demonstrations that complement traditional textbooks and lectures. By subscribing to JoVE, institutions can significantly enhance their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) research and education capabilities. These videos bring complex scientific concepts to life, making them more accessible and engaging for students and researchers alike.

Improve Student Learning Outcomes and Engagement

Visual learning has been proven to enhance comprehension and retention of information. JoVE's high-quality videos help students better understand experimental techniques and scientific principles, leading to improved learning outcomes. The engaging content also stimulates interest and curiosity, encouraging students to delve deeper into their studies. With JoVE, institutions can create a more dynamic and interactive learning environment that caters to diverse learning styles.

Receive Support from a Dedicated Customer Success Team After Subscription

One of the standout benefits of subscribing to JoVE is the dedicated support provided by their Customer Success Team. This team, comprised of Ph.D.-level scientists, works closely with your institution to ensure you maximize the value of your JoVE subscription. They assist teaching faculty in integrating JoVE videos into their curricula, answer technical questions, and provide promotional materials to raise awareness of the new resources available. This level of personalized support ensures a smooth and effective implementation of JoVE's offerings.

Bring JoVE to Your Institution

By bringing JoVE to your institution, you can significantly boost research and learning outcomes for your scientists, educators, and students. JoVE's comprehensive and visually engaging content, combined with dedicated support, makes it an invaluable resource for any academic or research institution. Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your institution's scientific capabilities and improve educational experiences. Subscribe to JoVE today and take the first step towards a brighter, more innovative future for your institution.

Contact library@jove.com for pricing and a customized subscription for your institution.

Embrace the future of scientific research and education with JoVE. Contact JoVE today to learn more about subscription options and start transforming the learning experience at your institution.

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