Become a Biologist Researcher: JoVE Articles, Videos

Marketing Dept., | 8 min read
Marketing Dept., | 8 min read

How to become a Biology Researcher?

Becoming a biology researcher involves a path of education and practical experience that prepares individuals to investigate life and living organisms. This process includes earning academic degrees, participating in research, and publishing scientific findings.

Biology research is the scientific investigation into life and living organisms, covering a broad spectrum of fields such as molecular biology, ecology, and evolutionary biology. It focuses on understanding the structure, function, growth, origin, evolution, and distribution of living organisms through systematic study and experimentation. 

Major Branches in Scientific Biology Research Topics

The major branches include cellular biology, which studies the basic cellular units of living things; genetics, focused on the heredity and variation of organisms; and microbiology, the study of microscopic organisms.


What Can You Do with a Biology Degree?

A degree in biology opens the door to a wide range of career opportunities. Here are some paths you can pursue with a biology degree:

  1. Research Scientist: Conduct experiments and studies in various biological fields such as genetics, ecology, or molecular biology. Research scientists often work in academic, governmental, or private research institutions.

  2. Healthcare Professional: Use your biology background as a foundation for further education and training in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, or other healthcare professions.

  3. Environmental Biologist: Study ecosystems, conservation, and wildlife management. Environmental biologists work with government agencies, non-profits, and environmental consulting firms to address ecological issues and promote sustainability.

  4. Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals: Work in the development and testing of new drugs, therapies, and biotechnological products. Careers in this sector include roles such as biotechnologist, pharmaceutical researcher, and clinical trial coordinator.

  5. Education: Teach biology at the high school or college level. Educators with a biology background can inspire the next generation of scientists and contribute to science education.

  6. Forensic Scientist: Apply biological principles to criminal investigations, analyzing biological evidence to help solve crimes. Forensic scientists often work with law enforcement agencies and forensic laboratories.

  7. Public Health: Use your biology expertise to improve community health through research, policy development, and health education. Public health biologists work for government agencies, non-profits, and international health organizations.

  8. Agricultural and Food Scientist: Research and develop methods to improve the efficiency and sustainability of food production. Careers in this field include roles such as agricultural scientist, food technologist, and crop consultant.

How to Engage with Biology Research Scientific articles with JoVE?

JoVE provides a treasure trove of video articles and research protocols in various biological fields.

Benefits about JoVE Biology Research Videos 

Research videos are a valuable tool for the scientific community, especially when published on platforms like the Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE). These videos allow researchers to share their methodologies and discoveries in a visual and accessible manner. For students, research videos offer a unique opportunity to observe laboratory techniques and experimental procedures in action, making it easier to understand complex concepts and replicate studies. Publishing videos on JoVE not only broadens the reach of scientific work but also contributes to transparency and reproducibility in science.

Engaging with Advanced Topics

For those seeking to dive deeper, JoVE features advanced topics such as synthetic biology and neurobiology. One example is the video "Synthesizing Biofuels from Algae" by Dr. Aaron Lee, which explores the procedures and technologies used in biofuel production, providing a practical application of synthetic biology techniques.

Check all available videos here: Biology Researches  

By exploring these various facets of biology through JoVE.com, individuals can gain a comprehensive understanding of this broad and dynamic field, keeping pace with rapid scientific advancements and contributing effectively to ongoing research endeavors.


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