Many Institutions Upgrading to JoVE Unlimited Licenses

Eglantine Ronfard, Marketing | 6 min read
Eglantine Ronfard, Marketing | 6 min read


Moshe Pritsker as postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University


Back in 2006, JoVE co-founder Dr. Moshe Pritsker came up with a simple idea: to enable scientific reproducibility through video publication. As a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard Medical School, he began filming experiments to ensure they can be easily repeated by other scientists.

Fast forward to 2018: JoVE is in its 11th year and offers two complementary products: JoVE Video Journal and JoVE Science Education library. Both fulfill JoVE’s overall mission of advancing science through online video. The two products can be integrated into classrooms and labs to address the needs of students, researchers, staff, and teachers alike. Nearly 6 million scientists and students use JoVE content yearly, and about 1,000 academic institutions are among its subscribers. 

JoVE Simplifies Science Research and Teaching

Along with other benefits, JoVE videos have the proven ability to enable labs to improve their experimental accuracy rates (see case study on the DAMP lab at Boston University). The videos also improve learning outcomes, while saving classroom and teacher preparation time (see case study on the biology project lab at Northeastern University).  

To share the benefits of both the Journal and Education library, we’ve created a single subscription called JoVE Unlimited. By providing complete access for one price, it simplifies the subscription process for librarians, while ensuring students and faculty keep accessing new content as it rolls out, for no extra charge.

All Libraries Can Benefit from Unlimited

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Schools of all sizes and types enjoy the same advantages in research and teaching through this one license. “With JoVE Unlimited, scientists, researchers and engineers can push boundaries and dive across disciplines by learning complex techniques from inside and outside their fields with peer-reviewed video articles,” says one subscriber, the Pratt Research Library at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

Recently, Harvard University, an early JoVE adopter, became an Unlimited subscriber. Other Unlimited subscribers include Johns Hopkins University, Montana State University, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the U.S. Military Academy, Cardiff University (U.K.) and Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel.

Unlimited Means Value Keeps Growing

Each new video added to JoVE increases the value of the Unlimited license. JoVE has streamlined its publication processes and is producing more content than ever. In addition, we now have translations (via closed captions) in 10 languages for international students.

Also, we’re adding 150 new Video Journal articles monthly, up from 100 per month last year. We also added seven new Engineering sections to our JoVE Science Education library in 2018, tackling a whole new discipline. We thank all librarians who partner with us to improve life for their researchers, teachers and students.

Interested in learning more about the value Unlimited brings? Click here, or email us.


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