JoVE Enables Chinese Research Hospital to Cut Waste, Boost Experiment Success

Marc Songini, JoVE Writer | 3 min read
Marc Songini, JoVE Writer | 3 min read


Longhua Hospital Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine’s lab used JoVE to reduce the volume of experimental animals required, and to boost the success rate of protocols from 20%-90%.


Shufen Liu is a senior experimenter in Longhua Hospital Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, specializing in pharmaceutical research. Previously, creating protocols for animal spinal cord compression models was complex and challenging. Her efforts usually had limited success, while requiring too many animals, and too much time and money.


To make her research easier and less costly, Liu selected JoVE's peer-reviewed video articles. The videos enable her to study and reference proper spinal cord compression models — including those involving domestic and foreign research experiments with large animals.


  • JoVE enabled researchers across different scientific disciplines to learn various techniques in detail (such as HPLC analysis). Once a researcher grasps the experiment via JoVE video, he or she can incorporate the protocol in an ongoing project.
  • The videos effectively cut the time, effort, and cost needed for adopting experimental techniques on large animals. Overall, this reduces the time to lab productivity.
  • By studying the videos and preparing before the actual lab work, the success for spinal cord compression experiments rose from 20% to more than 90%.

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