10,000 Reasons to Be a JoVE Subscriber

Dipesh Navani, Director of Production | 5 min read
Dipesh Navani, Director of Production | 5 min read

This week, JoVE proudly announces the release of its ten thousandth scientific video! This a great milestone for us, for our subscribers and authors, and for the STEM community overall.

This ever-growing number of videos spans our research-focused Journal articles through our three educational products: JoVE Core, Lab Manual, and Science Education. In 2018 alone, we produced more than 1,400 videos across 13 disciplines. That’s 10 times more than in our first full year, 2007. (To learn more about this milestone, watch this informative video.)

Science Protocol Articles Like No Others 

However, this does not mean that we prize quantity over quality. We are not the “YouTube of science videos,” but rather a rigorous visual scientific content producer. Ever since its founding by Dr. Moshe Pritsker, JoVE has been unique in the scientific community. We believe a carefully produced, peer-reviewed scientific video represents the best way for a scientist to share a new technique, and for researchers to learn from it.

On the research side, we ensure the quality of the video articles by closely managing the peer-review process. Once we complete the script, specially trained JoVE videographers film on-site in the scientist’s lab. Then we spend nearly 50 hours producing each research video, for which we deploy a full-time staff (including several Ph.D. scientists and professional video editors), who are committed to optimizing the reproducibility of each video article.

To meet growing demand worldwide, we have a growing roster videographers (currently 85) located in cities across the globe. And we’ve produced videos with top researchers, including six Nobel Prize winners.

Science Education Done Right

On the education side, JoVE creates videos that demonstrably boost the productivity of STEM education. We have produced more than 1,000 educational videos in subjects ranging from biology to engineering, with more coming.

The outcomes have proved outstanding. According to a recent UCLA study, JoVE videos (that supplemented undergraduate lectures in an introductory chemistry course) helped the average student perform up to three times better.

Quality Growth for Subscribers/Authors

In 2018, more than 6 million people visited JoVE.com. With every video, we aim to drive the next breakthrough in science research and education. I invite you to explore some of the exciting content our teams are creating daily. Have a protocol problem? Want to boost student classroom performance? Check JoVE first.

Together, we’ll change how science is done!

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