HEERF Funding: Are You Missing Out?

Daniel Sheridan, BSc. MSc. PhD candidate | 13 min read
Daniel Sheridan, BSc. MSc. PhD candidate | 13 min read


Did you know that almost $1 Billion of the Higher Education Emergency Relief Funding (HEERF) is still unspent across the USA? You can check how much funding your institution has left to allocate through the Education Stabilization Fund portal.

All HEERF funding must be spent by June 30th, 2023, or colleges will lose access!

In this blog post, we will explain what HEERF is, what it can be used for, how to make the most out of your HEERF funding, and the Bottom Line.


1. What is HEERF? 


HEERF is the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund. It was created during the COVID-19 pandemic to support students and colleagues struggling with adjusting to remote working and the economic hardship brought about by the pandemic.

However, with so much still unspent, you must make the most of this resource now. Don’t let your institution miss out on this excellent opportunity to upgrade your teaching and infrastructure!

2. What Can HEERF Be Used For?


Institutions can leverage remaining HEERF funding to help students meet urgent, basic needs. This includes food, housing, course materials, technology, healthcare, and childcare. The shift to remote learning during the pandemic has greatly increased the demand for effective digital learning tools. These tools, such as the suite of digital learning materials offered by JoVE, offer a great way to use HEERF to benefit student learning, both on and off campus. Amongst others, HEERF can be used for:

  • Financial aid for students

This grant is not intended to supplement or replace a student's income. Instead, it is to support students with any emergency spending due to disruption to campus, such as childcare, housing, materials, or technology costs.

Emergency campus spending

  • This might include updating building infrastructure, improving accommodation, or making the building safe for group gatherings. JoVE supports emergency campus spending by providing access to an extensive video library. This assists institutions in managing the transition to online and remote learning and is vital during emergencies when physical access to campuses might be restricted. By making these resources available, JoVE helps reduce the financial burden on institutions, enabling them to allocate funds for other critical needs.
  • Update course materials
  • This includes the cost of changing materials, diversifying learning tools, and accessing third-party support. JoVE continually updates its collection of video articles and demonstrations as part of its commitment to enhancing educational resources. By offering cutting-edge, peer-reviewed content across a wide range of scientific disciplines, JoVE helps institutions update their course materials efficiently. This adherence to the HEERF guideline ensures that students and faculty have access to the latest research and techniques, even during times of crisis.


Technology expenses

  • This could include updating internet access and purchasing computers, microphones, projectors, or other digital learning tools needed to facilitate distance learning. JoVE contributes to the reduction of technology expenses by providing a user-friendly, web-based platform that faculty can easily integrate into their existing Learning Management Systems (LMS). By offering seamless access to high-quality scientific videos, JoVE eliminates the need for institutions to develop and maintain their own video content repositories. This saves on technology costs and helps institutions focus on their core mission of delivering quality education.


  • Staff training
  • This might include helping educators utilize digital learning tools, costs associated with teaching remotely, and more. JoVE offers webinars, workshops, and customized training sessions for institutions, ensuring that faculty and staff can easily integrate the platform into their curriculum. By providing these detailed video protocols, visualized techniques, and step-by-step instructions, JoVE helps educators become proficient in using these resources effectively. JoVE's commitment to staff training aligns with the HEERF guidelines, as it promotes the continuous improvement of educational professionals, even during times of crisis.

    It's important to note that each state and institution has its own guidelines
    for how HEERF funds can be used.

    Check with your institution's grant coordinator for specific information on how to use HEERF funding.


3. Making The Most Of Your HEERF Funding


All HEERF funding must be spent by June 30th, 2023! Use it or lose it.

HEERF funding was intended to support students and institutions in adapting to learning during the pandemic. This includes supporting any costs associated with updating training materials and digital learning tools. Don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity to upgrade your institution with JoVE videos.

JoVE’s digital and visual learning tools suite is eligible for HEERF funding. JoVE can also:

Increase student learning outcomes
  • Bridge the gap between in-person and distance learning
  • Provide college students with JoVE’s STEM video library
  • Open up a world of learning opportunities through JoVE’s learning platform and comprehensive video library


The Bottom Line On HEERF


During the pandemic, the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund has been a lifeline for students and institutions. In a time of uncertainty, this fund provided a safety net for those struggling. 

Libraries play a crucial role in providing students and researchers with the most up-to-date learning resources and digital tools they need.

Are you interested in putting some of that funding to use?

If your institution has funds to spare,​​ get in touch with your administration to see how this can be allocated towards a suite of digital learning tools to support students better. Remember, all HEERF funding must be spent by June 30th, 2023, and JoVE’s suite of digital e-learning tools is eligible for the grant!

Help your institution stay ahead of the curve and access JoVE’s video library. The power of visual learning will unlock your student’s potential!


Contact us today to learn how your institution can leverage unspent HEERF funds.

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