The JoVE Science Education & Research Innovation Awards are back!

Raveena Khatri, JoVE Writer | 8 min read
Raveena Khatri, JoVE Writer | 8 min read

We are excited to announce that the JoVE Science Education & Research Innovation Awards are back for 2022!

Now in their second year, the awards aim to support individuals from the scientific and academic communities who are taking active roles in their institutions to support and accelerate science education and research using video resources. An independent panel of librarians, educators and researchers will select three winners from each of the below categories:

  1. JoVE Educator Innovation Award
  2. JoVE Researcher Innovation Award
  3. JoVE Librarian Innovation Award

We welcome submissions from individuals that are currently employed by, enrolled in or affiliated with an academic institution or corporate government or hospital entity, across all regions and territories.  

Funding, in the form of reimbursement, for professional development up to USD 2,000 will be awarded per winner. This funding can be used towards conference participation or course registration related to skill development completed by December 30, 2023. 

We will also offer a free publication fee waiver to the 2022 Researcher Innovation Award winners so that they may publish with JoVE.

To learn more about the awards and how to apply click here. Entries close on July 18th, 2022.

This is what some of last year’s award winners had to say about their win:

Dr. Glenn Hurst

“I am delighted to receive the JoVE Innovation in Instruction Award. Working alongside such brilliant colleagues and talented students has been a pleasure to use and empower students to use media resources to teach and communicate chemistry in new and exciting ways.” Dr. Glenn Hurst,  Associate Professor of Chemistry Education at the University of York and 2021 JoVE Innovation in Instruction Award winner

Gabriele Tanis

“I’m delighted and grateful to accept the JoVE Librarian Innovation Award on behalf of our whole team. The team worked tirelessly to bring the JRD eLibrary Portal to life, from conception and design to implementation and roll-out. The award recognizes the power of collaboration and highlights our success in delivering this powerful tool into our users’ hands in record time.” Gabriele Tanis, Associate Director, Organizational Excellence at Janssen Research & Development, LLC and 2021 JoVE Librarian Innovation Award winner

Joana Kramer

“Our whole team at RadioViews is honored to be recognized by the JoVE Researcher Innovation Award for our video series on discussions with fellow radio astronomers. Being selected as one of the winners encourages us to continue, improve and develop new methods to share our expertise as researchers. We are indescribably grateful that JoVE supports that goal.” Joana Kramer, Ph.D. Student at The Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy and 2021 JoVE Research Innovation Award winner

Watch the video below to hear from the 2021 JoVE Science Education and Research Innovation Award Winners!

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